Winter Storm Jan 7, 2010

The Snowy Back Yard

Our Snowy Back Yard at Night

It wasn’t actually a winter storm…but it was awesome to get snowed in today.  Well, really I could have driven to work…but I brought everything (computer and books) home yesterday so that I could work from home.  It’s evening now, but it was great to stay home…I always get a lot more done.  Worked on marketing materials for a large project we’re pursuing (Caterpillar Logistics Facility) in Clayton.

Amanda is sitting downstairs planning “The Neatway” on her laptop and the two dogs are laying by the fireplace, contributing to global warming – while increasing our family’s carbon footprint.  Katelyn and her friend Emily just volunteered to go out on an adventure to McDonald’s to get McFlurrys for us all (she’s going out in a blizzard to get us a blizzard – kinda).  She called and her Mom’s jeep quit…we got it figured out (it was between 4WD and 2WD) – I guess that’s neutral…?

Jordan has been up in his room all evening…today was his second day of Sinclair’s winter quarter, so I assume he’s studying (not really).  It looks like he’s going to help my sister and brother-in-law work on their house this weekend – they flip homes (and have two going right now).

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