Early in January 2010

January 1, 2009

I’m not even sure if I want to write a blog…especially starting at age 45, but what the heck.  If your reading this, you have to realize that it is being written for my own personal documentation and may not be interesting to you.  You never know, I may use this information to write a book and become filthy rich someday…or not.

Last night was a great New Year’s Eve.  We had a house full (7 total) of kids, Katelyn’s friends.  Jordan was out at a lock-in at a local church with his friends…so it was a great night because I knew where everyone was and what they were doing.  The kids at our house played wii and watched movies…Amanda and I sat in the dining room in stiff chairs on our lap tops (I have a stiff back today – can I blame that on the kids?).

Today, I got up around 10am and came downstairs to homemade cinnamon rolls (out of a can)…and they were delicious.  I ate three because I know that soon, I’ll have to start my annual diet to get rid of Christmas overeating (and reduce my cholesterol & triglycerides).   A nice salad with grilled chicken for lunch and I’m getting ready for Amanda’s sister, bro-in-law, and father to come over to watch the big game (Ohio State).

It’s going to be a great year, I can feel it.  Tomorrow, I have my first official sanctioned racquetball tournament at The Heights.  It’s the Winter Freeze 2010.  I’m playing singles and doubles…should be fun if my body holds up.

January 2

Well, my first racquetball tournament was a doozey.  Lots of fun and exercise.  Okay, for the results of the day…I won 5 out of 8 in my singles match and 0 of 6 in doubles.  Better luck next time…can’t wait.

January 3

Church was great today…and tonight!!!

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