A Feather in Your Cap

My mother told us children, there

Were rules we could TAP

To sharpen our good judgment

As a feather in our cap.

We listened to her wisdom for

That wasn’t a mishap

To have such given treasures as

A feather in our cap.

“Kind words will never die”, she said.

“Harsh words will lay a trap.

To say regretful words – that is

No feather in your cap.”

In every way be honest, for

All cheating leaves a gap

Of guilt to sear our conscience.  It’s

No feather in our cap.

It’s said, pride comes before a fall.

The “Self Pride” we must ZAP

Before we get swelled up, and miss

That feather in our cap.

Think more of others than yourself.

We all live on this map

This ‘golden rule’ is needed for

That feather in your cap.

When everybody mends their ways

Oh Boy!  We’ll shout and clap

It’s just a great idea for

That feather in our cap.

The Bible holds all proverbs.

Get it out into your lap

It has all rules for living for

A feather in your cap.

“Whew”, I think that I have said enough

I’ll go and take a nap,

To rest my weary mind, for

These feathers in my cap.

Violet Gebhart, February 1, 2005

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